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How I can help

With a full health history and understanding of the current state of body functions such as detoxification, gut health, hormone balance, immune strength etc.  I create a personalised plan to target the root cause of the health complaint/s and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself.

The plan can involve dietary and lifestyle interventions (including toxin exposure), possible supplements, diet plans, recipes, and recommendations for shopping. I work with you to make it practical and realistic.

For some clients, functional testing is recommended for further insights regarding symptoms; I can navigate you through tests and results.

I see adults and children, and focus my clinic in these areas (click to see more information):

What is nutritional therapy? 

Nutritional therapy operates on the principle –  given the right conditions, the body can heal itself.  Unlike western medicine, it recognises the body as an orchestrated network of interconnected systems – symptoms may manifest far from the root cause and long before its a complaint; as practitioners we look to correct these imbalances to provide relief. 

For example, acne could be driven by constipation and sluggish detoxification; a pill will not solve the root cause, prolonging the problem.  Supporting the gut and detoxification pathways should resolve the issue.

I support you through these changes, from where/what to buy, recipe ideas, books and lifestyle interventions.  

What’s the difference…. 

Nutritional Therapist

Evidence based protocols.  Focus on imbalances in the body to restore health.  Participate in continuous learning to retain governing body status and insurance.  Mainly in private practice. Min. 3 years study. 


Their work must also be evidence based.  Generally employed by the NHS, dieticians provide advice to patients with specific dietary needs such as kidney disease, diabetes or cancer.   Degree level study. 


Nutritionists are qualified to provide information about food and healthy eating, but not about special diets for medical conditions.  Training can be a few months by distance learning.   


It is important to see your GP with any new health concerns.  Nutritional therapists do not replace your GP.  We simply work with you, and your GP if suitable, to re-balance the body.  

When taking a full health history, it is important we know medications being taken . We check supplements against medications as sometimes there can be an interaction.