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My approach

.. isn’t a weightwatchers or calorie counting one.

My approach is based on re-educating you and your body to get back to eating nutrient rich foods and enjoying these, and weaning yourself off cravings and stimulants which can be detrimental to weight management.  

I also look into possible mediating factors for weight management issues, for example

  • Hormones can impact weight distribution, especially around menopause – fat is more readily stored around the tummy.

  • Reduced muscle mass makes it harder to burn fat – muscle mass reduces with age

  • Stress produces cortisol, resulting in our bodies holding on to excess fat.

  • A sluggish thyroid gland may impact metabolism and contribute to weight issues. 

  • Issues with adrenals can increase weight. 

  • Insulin resistance results in increased insulin production, increasing hunger and snacking. 

  • Water retention, due to an undiagnosed intolerance, can increase weight. 

  • The state of our gut bacteria could impact weight loss. 

Visceral fat (around the middle) is especially active and inflammatory in the body, and has major health implications for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure

How I can help

I will do a full health history and discuss your current eating habits.  If we think there may be an underlying issue detrimental to weight control I may suggest functional testing via the GP or privately e.g. cortisol, thyroid hormones, intolerances, insulin resistance.

I will educate you on the basics of macro nutrients – fats, carbs and proteins, and what and how to eat for weight management.  I like the Glycemic Load way of eating to control weight and cravings.  This way of eating is super healthy too and should decrease disease risk.

I can recommend alternatives for foods you love, e.g. sugar, salt, snacks, and a host of ideas and recipes for healthy cooking and snacking.  

I may consider supplements to help minimise cravings initially.  Theres can be very impactful and support compliance.

  How does a consultation work?

Before the consultation, I require a summary of your current symptoms, health aims and information about medications and supplements (I send you a form)

The initial consultation will last 75 minutes.  I will take a full health history to help us identify imbalances which may have triggered and may be fuelling your symptoms.  In some cases, tests are useful for further detail; I will discuss these with you in the session.

I will issue a plan to follow after the consultation.

 Follow up consultations are useful to ensure the plan is most effectively supporting your health goals, and tweaks can be made during these sessions.

Everything discussed with me is strictly confidential. 

Pricing and timings

Initial consultation (75 mins): £75.  

Follow up appointments (40 mins): £40.

 *Package*: initial & 2 follow up consultations: £140.

 Other services: contact me

I offer appointments on weekdays, and occasionally week nights and weekends.