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Our skin and its health can really impact our wellbeing.  Itchy eczema or unsightly acne can be consuming and impact our daily lives no end.  We obsess over tiny changes and possible solutions (I had acne in my teens and 20s).

Although a lot of prescribed potions and lotions can work wonders initially on the symptom, often this does not impact the root cause of the issue, resulting in flair ups if we stop medication, alongside side effects of the medication which can be detrimental e.g. steroid creams can thin the skin, and antibiotics for acne can seriously impact gut bacteria, causing a domino effect of gut issues. 

My approach to skin complaints is looking to find the actual root cause and mediating factors which are driving the symptom.  This can include: 

  • Hormones (especially androgens). 

  • Diet (dairy can be inflammatory, glucose can stimulate acne lesions)

  • Stress (master hormones ‘cortisol’ can really disrupt the body)

  • Detoxification issues

  • Gut imbalance 

  • Leaky gut (especially with eczema) 

  • Insulin resistance 

  • Intolerances

Acne has been reported to be absent in non-westernised populations such as the Okinawa islanders (Japan), Ache hunter-gatherers (Paraguay) and Kitavan islanders (Papua New Guinea).

I support clients with: 

  • Acne

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema 

After our initial consultation, I will provide you with a plan outlining optimal dietary changes, recipe ideas, toxin reduction ideas and possible supplements and skincare products.

If necessary, I will discuss possible testing which could help us identify the root cause in your specific case.

I’ve recently started making my own skincare products with essential oils and nourishing base creams (and no yuck!) so can help guide you through some options for your skin type. 

  How does a consultation work?

Before the consultation, I require a summary of your current symptoms, health aims and information about medications and supplements (I send you a form)

The initial consultation will last 75 minutes.  I will take a full health history to help us identify imbalances which may have triggered and may be fuelling your symptoms.  In some cases, tests are useful for further detail; I will discuss these with you in the session.

I will issue a plan to follow after the consultation.

 Follow up consultations are useful to ensure the plan is most effectively supporting your health goals, and tweaks can be made during these sessions.

Everything discussed with me is strictly confidential. 

Pricing and timings

Initial consultation (75 mins): £75.  

Follow up appointments (40 mins): £40.

 *Package*: initial & 2 follow up consultations: £140.

 Other services: contact me

I offer appointments on weekdays, and occasionally week nights and weekends.