Make changes to live your best life

A major illness, such as cancer, can be life changing in so many ways.  Treatment can leave you feeling barely there and completely depleted; it can also leave you with some nasty side effects. 

This event can be a turning point for re-assessing diet and lifestyle to live your best life going forward, and most significantly, reduce risk of cancer recurrence.

There is growing evidence that chemicals in food and the environment are able to impact disease pathways, such as the process of cancer formation – for better or worse.  This evidence can be translated to give you the most optimal plan going forward regarding diet and lifestyle.

My approach 

My advice is always evidence based Everything I put in a plan for you will be backed by scientific evidence.  I have attended many lectures and seminars on cancer specifically, and have collated views from different modalities and professionals.  

Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90–95% have their roots in the environment and lifestyle. Click for source.

Personalised advice is important 

It is important to get personalised advice from a specialist about diets post cancer.  There is lots of advice out there – vegan, no sugar, low methionine, low glutamine, Gerson therapy, juicing etc. which all have some credit and scientific rationale, however, what’s right for the individual depends very much on the nature of their cancer, as well as their individual case history.    

Supplements can be super beneficial to ensure the body is in a balanced state and the immune system is fit for fighting cancer cells; however, it’s important to make sure these suit your full health history and cancer diagnosis. 

How I can help 

I will take a full health history to understand your health before and during your cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I will want to know about the nature of your cancer diagnosis.

I will work with you to create a plan to repair and replenish your body post treatment, and specifically target any side effects which are affecting you.  We will discuss long term health too: eating and your environment, and I will provide evidence based information to decrease risk of recurrence.

The plan may involve diet and lifestyle advice (e.g. reducing toxin exposure, hormone disruptors) as well as possible supplements , recipes, tips to care for your wellbeing etc.

Please note: I do not work with anyone undergoing treatment for cancer.  I will work with you post treatment.  I’m happy to recommend practitioners who do support people going through cancer treatment.

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  How does a consultation work?

Before the consultation, I require a summary of your current symptoms, health aims and information about medications and supplements (I send you a form)

The initial consultation will last 75 minutes.  I will take a full health history to help us identify imbalances which may have triggered and may be fuelling your symptoms.  In some cases, tests are useful for further detail; I will discuss these with you in the session.

I will issue a plan to follow after the consultation.

 Follow up consultations are useful to ensure the plan is most effectively supporting your health goals, and tweaks can be made during these sessions.

Everything discussed with me is strictly confidential. 

Pricing and timings

Initial consultation (75 mins): £75.  

Follow up appointments (40 mins): £40.

 *Package*: initial & 2 follow up consultations: £140.

 Other services: contact me

I offer appointments on weekdays, and occasionally week nights and weekends.