I look to find the root cause of symptoms, and correct imbalances in the body.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself – given the right conditions.  Western living unfortunately doesn’t facilitate this, hence the tremendous increase in chronic disease.


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  How does a consultation work?

Before the consultation, I require a summary of your current symptoms, health aims and information about medications and supplements (I send you a form)

The initial consultation will last 75 minutes.  I will take a full health history to help us identify imbalances which may have triggered and may be fuelling your symptoms.  In some cases, tests are useful for further detail; I will discuss these with you in the session.

I will issue a plan to follow after the consultation.

 Follow up consultations are useful to ensure the plan is most effectively supporting your health goals, and tweaks can be made during these sessions.

Everything discussed with me is strictly confidential. 

Pricing and timings

Initial consultation (75 mins): £75.  

Follow up appointments (40 mins): £40.

 *Package*: initial & 2 follow up consultations: £140.

 Other services: contact me

I offer appointments on weekdays, and occasionally week nights and weekends.