I discovered nutritional therapy after a 10 year career in management consultancy.  Its only when I excitedly applied what I learnt from my lectures to my life, that I realised I had been operating on half cylinders for ages (immune problems, energy and sleep issues, acne).  I found it amazing how well I felt and how symptoms disappeared if I ate and lived well.  Most of all, I’m empowered to know I can have a real impact on reducing my risk of disease in the future – as well as those around me. 

I’m passionate about sharing what I have learned with a wider community now I’m qualified. 

I have a first class, Masters of Arts degree in Psychology and Business from Edinburgh University.  My Nutritional Therapy diploma involved three years of study at the College for Naturopathic Medicine, London.  To retain my professional status (see below), I continue to attend lectures and seminars to develop my knowledge – which I love doing!

I have a two year old son and applied my nutrition learnings throughout pregnancy and as a Mum; I’m keen to support other Mums navigate this exciting and tiring/confusing time.

I’m a fan of the 80/20 rule; of course there is room for treats!  I used to live the corporate life and now I’m a working Mum so can be practical and respectful of boundaries when creating client’s plans.  


Instagram: jess_naturalnutrition