Take control of your health

I’m Jessica, a registered Nutritional Therapist working in Dorking and Reigate (Surrey).  I want to inspire people to get back to natural living to achieve excellent health.

Our health destiny is greatly written by our lifestyle: nutrients (or lack of), sleep quality, toxin exposure, stress, relaxation etc.  Importantly, we CAN do a lot to influence it. 

Nutritional therapy is effective for people suffering with chronic complaints – symptoms may be ‘managed’ by medication but the root cause is not being addressed, or it can support you to live your best life – great health for as long as possible! 


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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy operates on the principle –  given the right conditions, the body can heal itself.  Unlike western medicine, it recognises the body as an orchestrated network of interconnected systems – issues may manifest far from the root cause and long before it’s a complaint; as practitioners we look to correct these imbalances to provide relief.

For example, acne could be driven by constipation and sluggish detoxification; a pill will not solve the root cause, prolonging the problem.  Supporting the gut and detoxification pathways should resolve the issue.

How I can help

With a full health history and understanding of the current state of body functions such as detoxification, gut health, hormone balance, immune strength etc.  I create a personalised plan to target the root cause of the health complaint/s and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself.

The plan can involve dietary and lifestyle interventions (including toxin exposure), possible supplements, diet plans, recipes, and recommendations for shopping. I work with you to make it practical and realistic.

For some clients, functional testing is recommended for further insights regarding symptoms; I can navigate you through tests and results.

I see adults and children, and focus my clinic in these areas (click to see more information):

 Initial appointment: £75.  

Follow up appointment: £40.  

Package – initial and 2 follow up appointments: £140. 


Contact me

I offer a complementary 15 minute phone consultation to check this is the best route for you.

What I offer

I work with clients on an individual basis to achieve a health goal. I write articles, run workshops and create specialised meals plans. 

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